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Wire-Wrapped Beads - Maggs Creations

I finally got around to cleaning my studio a bit, and found the gadget to make these, so of course I stopped cleaning and sat right down to play with wire. As you can see, Jackie helped hold down my pliers when I wasn't using them. Both cats really enjoy the halogen lights, and like to lie on my work table and soak in the heat. And, as everyone knows, cats have a tendency to spread out over an amazing amount of surface area when exposed to a heat source. This tends to cause a few discussions regarding who actually owns the table space and the lumpy bits under said cat (pliers, beads, wire bits...).

The black pendant in the center measures 4 inches top to bottom, and the smallest beads are about 3/4 of an inch tall. They are sturdy and fairly lightweight, and can be made into earrings, cord ends, or used just about anywhere as embellishments. The cost will vary based on size, materials and quantity, but most of them will be in the $1 to $5 price range. Contact me for bulk pricing.



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