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Wire Wrapped Pendants

I wrap my pendants with several different types of jeweler's wire. I use gold filled, sterling silver, tin-plated copper wire, solid brass wire, natural copper wire and permanently colored copper wire. I make all of my jewelry myself, using only my hands or simple hand tools. Nothing you see is mass-produced, and each pendant is unique.

Gold Filled Wrapped Pendants
These pendants are wrapped with 14 karat 1/20 gold filled wire. If treated with care, these pendants will remain beautiful for generations.
Sterling Silver Wrapped Pendants
Wrapped in sterling silver, these pendants take on a glow of their own. You can polish the silver to a high shine, or allow it to develop a natural deep patina. 
Brass Pendants Brass Wrapped Pendants
This is a solid brass wire. It can be polished to a high shine, or it can be allowed to darken naturally, until it takes the deep patina of antique jewelry.
Tin-Plated Copper Pendants Tin-Plated Copper Wrapped Pendants
This wire is an affordable alternative to silver. It looks quite attractive, tarnishes slowly and takes a nice shine.
Artistic Copper Pendants Copper Wrapped Pendants
These pendants are wrapped in round copper wire, in a wide range of brilliant colors. They will add fun to any outfit.

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