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Fresh From The Kiln archives, page 3 (this is the most recent archive, I'm numbering in reverse order for my personal convenience). More pictures can often be found on my blog, over here. (opens in new window)

September, 2008

Acid etched lentil beads with fine stringer lines.

Maggs Creations - Acid Etched Lentil Beads with fine stringer lines

September, 2008

Made a bunch of critters, and learned something: I really shouldn't use that particular color of blue for eyeballs, it's really creepy. It's even creepier in person.

Maggs Creations Critter Beads-front view Maggs Creations Critter Beads- Side view Maggs Creations Critter Beads- Rear view

June, 2008

Oh my stars!

This is my biggest bead to date, about 1 3/4" tip to tip. It was quite fun to make, but a bit nervewracking. I raked the two sides in different directions to see which I like better. I like them both. I included the obliatory 'hand' shot to show scale.

Lampworked Star Bead Lampworked Star Bead Lampworked Star Bead on Hand

June, 2008

Hair Sticks

I'm collaborating with Ken from Iron Wolf Forge - he makes the wrought iron hair sticks, I put molten glass on them. I think they're gorgeous. $12 apiece.

Wrought Iron Lampworked Hair Sticks

June, 2008

Here be Dragons!

Yes, some of my dragons are more bird-like than others. These run $15 to $30. The dragon claws are $15 apiece, strung on a necklace with accent beads.

Lampworked Dragon Pendant Lampworked Dragon Pendant
Lampworked Dragon Pendant Dragon Claw Talismans

May, 2008

Goddess Beads!

$15 each

goddess bead goddess bead more goddess beads

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