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This is what I've pulled out of the kiln in the last few days. More pictures can often be found on my blog, over here (opens in new window).

April, 2009

Look, primary colors! I pulled these out of the kiln and looked at them, and realized that this set really needs to be named My First Beads. You know how they make things for kids like My First Accordian, My First Radio, etc? These are the exact same colors. I didn't do it deliberately, but the end effect is the same.

Lampworked Beads - Primary Colors Set

April, 2009

I've been gearing up for Farmer's Market for the past month, which mostly means spending tons of money on non-exciting but essential supplies like sterling headpins and necklace chains, and not spending as much time taking pictures of all the pretty things I've been making. So, a few pictures to make up for it. A few sets of beads, a pair of bubblewands (photographing clear glass is not a thing I do well), and a set of pendants that I made last night (I was up until 2am, I was having fun).

Sets of Lampworked Beads Borosilicate Bubble Wands Borosilicate Leaf-shaped pendants

February, 2009

In January, I took a wonderful class taught by Lisa St. Martin, who taught us about working with metals inclusions and dichroic glass. It was a wonderful class, and I picked up tons of tips and tricks for working larger focal beads. The top beads are ones I made in class, the next photos are once I've made since then, two necklaces I made based on things I learned in class, and the final photo is a quick pic of some of the bead sets and earrings I've made in the past month.

Lisa St. Martin Class Beads by Maggs Creations

Maggs Creations - Focal beads

Maggs Creations - Lisa St. Martin inspired necklaces

Maggs Creations - New Bead Sets

December, 2008

So, after making a bunch of eyeball canes, and making a lot of pendants from said canes, I decided it was time to make a critter with proper eyeballs. And not just any critter, I was compelled to make something with EYESTALKS! So here he is, Squiddy the Garden Slug! I really probably shouldn't play with fire at two in the morning.

Squiddy the Garden Slug Squiddy the Garden Slug

Squiddy the Garden Slug

October, 2008

I've decided they're not reptile eyes, they're dragon eyes. Here's a shot of the cane I made, which I then cut into slices, and each slice makes an eye. Also, some nice eye candy of finished pendants.

Dragon Eye Murrine Cane

Dragon Eye Pendants-Maggs Creations

October, 2008

I was in the mood to try something a little more complicated, so I tried my hand at making murrine and pulling cane. Not one to do things the easy way, I didn't start with anything simple like a heart, no, I made an eyeball cane. Reptile, to be exact. The first one didn't come out the way I wanted to, so no pretty picture of that one, but the second one... I just have to say that 45 minutes plus a sunburn on both of my index fingers from the torch was totally worth it.

Borosilicate pendant with reptile eye murrine

September, 2008

A bit of eye candy. I have sets of beads like this on consignment at Fat Cat Beads in Madison and at Meant to Bead in Sun Prarie

Maggs Creations - Beads on Consignment

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