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One of my customers sent me a couple of small fabric swatches, and asked me to make matching aiglettes for her garb. The following is my email response and the pictures of the aiglettes I made for her to review. Hopefully this will give you an idea of how I tend to do custom work. After she picked the aiglette style she liked best, I mailed her two, to make sure they did match her garb, then we finalized the order and I made the final set.


Okay, several pictures of the custom aiglettes I whipped up. I didn't realize how far off my camera does colors until I had these up on the monitor (of course, the halogen lights of my work table probably didn't help). Honestly, I promise, the green beads are a very close match, even though it doesn't look like it on the screen. I put the soda can tab in the first picture so you have an idea of scale. All of the aiglettes will fit through your small d-ring. Prices as shown. Note also that the aiglette on the left uses a different head pin than the rest, it is actually a paddle pin, with a spear-shaped bit of metal below the green bead. Unfortunately, the paddle pin will not work with pearls, because the pin is a bit too large for the teeny holes that they drill in the pearls. Click on the pictures for a larger version that will open in a new window. I can send you all five of these to look at in person, or just some of them, if you like some better than the other ones. The one to the far right and to the far left are slightly larger than my normal hole size. Please note: I was able to find exactly 50 of the green beads (I bought both strands the store had), so that's your limit if you like the design with the green beads. I have plenty of all of the other beads and pearls. The smallest beads on the right three aiglettes are a metallic green which probably isn't period, but it's the only green seed bead that I have that is even remotely close to the right color.



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