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Booth Setup

I have several different booth setups, depending upon where I am vending: my outdoor cart, my ez-up canopy and my canvas Rennaisance-style tent. The pictures below show my various setups, and close up pictures of my displays. I make every item that I sell. I have also started doing lampworking demonstrations, which is the art of making glass beads over a flame.

Outdoor vending cart

This is the vending setup I use for vending at the Dane County Farmer's Market and as a street vendor on State Street. The cart itself is 4'x6', and when set up with the display easels, earring tree, and side table, it takes up approximately 12'x8' of space, although the setup can be easily modified to fit into a 10'x10' space.

Front view

Side View


EZ-Up Canopy

This is the vending setup I use for vending at outdoor art shows. In this picture, I have spread out beyond my 10'x10' footprint because I was permitted to do so, but I can easily fit everything under the Ez-up canopy. I have made cloth covers to conceal the metal legs of the tent for renaissance-themed events.

EZ-up front view

EZ-up side view


Canvas Renaissance Tent

This is the vending setup I use whenever I possibly can. I love this tent. It is approximately 12' x 12' , not including ropes.

canvas tent view 1canvas tent view 2
Canvas Tent setup. The tent is approximately 12' x 12', plus ropes.


Below are close up photographs of the individual units in my display.

I have two easels, which display fused glass pendants, lampwork bead pendants, and necklaces. Price range $10-$85

Glass bead and gemstone bracelets. Price range $7-$55

glass dragon pendantglass dragon talon pendants
Small handmade sculptural glass pendants (dragon and dragon talons shown here), $15-30

another earring rackearring rack

I have a large selection of earrings. Price range $10 to $25

The final item of my display is my "kids' table", which has handmade rings, bead pendants, pirate hair jewelry (not shown here), and bracelets, and also a 'rock pond' of tumble-polished gemstone chips, so kids can fill their own little bags for 50 cents. Nothing on this table is over $6.00


Lampworking Demonstrations

I have begun adding lampworking demonstrations, when my booth setup permits. I am fully insured to do this in my tent at outdoor shows and renaissance events where I might be renting space in a building at the faire. Please contact me if you would like me to do a demo at your show. While I do my demonstration, I also narrate the history of glass beadmaking, and explain the basic process of making a bead.

lampworking demonstration 1 lampworking demonstration 2 lampworking demo

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