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Chains for your Accessories

Want something more decorative than a ribbon or cord to hang your accessories from your belt? Try these accessory chains. Made from brass or tin-plated copper wire, they're affordable, can be matched to any outfit, and they're sturdy. The links are made with wrapped loops, which means that they won't come open if you hang something from them. They'll hold up almost any small or medium item, but, speaking from personal experience, if you're going to hang your girl glass goblet from one, don't go out in the rain and dance a jig, they're not quite sturdy enough to withstand that much jumping about. I still plan on using one to carry about my goblet, though. But no jigs. I can make them with one loop (for your belt), two loops, a loop and a clasp (to hook onto your fan), or no loops (tie your items to the chain with a ribbon), as you wish.  


Click the image to the left to view an assortment of chains. 

This is a closeup of one of the chains, to show the loops.
This is an example of a chain with a loop on one end, and with the free end attached to a cross. To wear, you can either feed your belt through the loop, or you can wrap the chain around your belt, put the cross through the loop, and be able to get the cross (or other small accessory, a pomander, perhaps) off your belt without having to undo your belt.
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