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About Me

About Me


Beads are like crack:

  • The first bead is free.

  • Beading is almost instantly addictive.

  • Beads come in little baggies and little vials.

  • Eventually you have to start selling beads so you can afford to support your habit.

Margaret Kailhofer

I started beading in 1998 when a good friend showed me her latest project, and I said 'oh, will you teach me?' It all went pretty much downhill from there. I started doing beadweaving for myself, then stringing, then wire-wrapping, then I took a fused glass class and bought a kiln, then I had so much stuff, I started my own business and went to full-time in 2004, then I took a lampwork class and bought a torch. Next on my agenda is a lapidary class (probably Spring of 2006) so I can learn to make my own cabochons, and then I'd like to take an art metal class (Fall of 2006) so I can make silver settings for my glass and cabs, and then and then and then... aaaaah!

I currently sell my jewelry in Madison, WI on State Street, as a street vendor. This means that I don't have a storefront, I just set up my display on the sidewalk and sell. I sell at Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings from 7:30 am until 1:30 pm or so, then, depending on the weather, move down to the 500 block of State Street, across from Potbelly's. Sundays I also vend across from Potbelly's, and many weekdays you can find me on Library Mall (the 700 block of State Street), right in front of the Memorial Library. I try to vend Wednesday through Sunday, but as an outdoor vendor, I'm quite dependant on the weather. Just look for the hat.

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