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Beads are like crack:

  • The first bead is free.
  • Beading is almost instantly addictive.
  • Beads come in little baggies and little vials.
  • Eventually you have to start selling beads so you can afford to support your habit.

Consider yourself warned.

© Margaret Kailhofer


I started beading in 1998 when a good friend showed me her latest project, and I said 'oh, will you teach me?' It all went pretty much downhill from there. I started doing beadweaving for myself, then stringing, then wire-wrapping, then I took a fused glass class and bought a kiln, then I had so much stuff, I started my own business and went to full-time in 2004, then I took a lampwork class and bought a torch. Then I took another lampworking class, with Jim Smircich, who is an incredibly fantabulous teacher. Then I got a second kiln. Then I started working at a stained glass store (they hired me because I spent so much time in there that most of the customers thought I worked there anyway). Then I upgraded my torch. Then I started teaching classes to friends, and started them on the journey of complete addiction and infatuation with molten glass. I sell a lot of my sets of beads and loose beads at several local bead stores, and some of my finished work at a Madison gallery (see the 'Find Me' link). If you want to meet me in person, I don't have a storefront, but April through November, I sell at the Dane County Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings from 7:30 am until 1:30 pm or so then, depending on the weather, move down to the 500 block of State Street, across from Potbelly's. Just look for the hat. If you're looking for something special, send me an email, I am happy to do custom work. I also teach private lessons for $40.00 an hour in my home studio. I can teach beginning and beginner-plus fused glass techniques, and beginner through intermediate lampworking classes in soft or hard glass. My studio has two Carlisle MiniCC's, two kilns, full ventillation, a glass cutting station, a glass bandsaw, a grinder, and heat or AC as needed (it's in the garage, so if you're not cold-tolerant, I wouldn't recommend a visit between December and March). I absolutely love teaching and trading techniques, so if you're a lampworker in the area, drop me an email and come 'play glass'.

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